“The beginning of a very fine winter”

Around a table seated mostly by girls and only a few boys, I showed up in the first class of creative writing. The instructor was a beautiful Belarusian female poet whose accent and smile kept melting me all through the class in such a cold winter Monday with hard wind and snow. Let me just call her the poet instead of her name, as a special form of respect.

I felt myself exiled away from literature since long long ago. Or maybe I have never been close to it since I was born. How sadly of this. Being closer to literature and finding back the most original emotional impulse from my heart is one of my primary motivation to come to the writing class.

There are number of interesting things to say about the first writing class. One of them is the first in-class assignment. The poet sailed us through a scary story where a family died sequentially for a variety of strange reasons, a so-called nonsense story with weird and meaningless plots. Another example she gave was an paragraph called “the beginning of a very fine summer’s day” likewise filled with absurd events and  scenes. We were asked to follow that by writing on “the beginning of a winter”. In any so called writing class, reading is always followed by writing. No exception for this course.

Here is what I have written and shared with others:

“When I got up in we one morning, I realized I didn’t have a sleep before, Instead, I went somewhere else, But weirdly, I could not remember where I have been to. I pulled my body up only to find my clothes and shoes gone. But it was snowing outside!  Finally, I found my clothes in the refrigerator totally forenzen into ice. I had to put them on with heart-breaking pain and went out of my house.

And so began a winter’s day. ”

No one laughed after I read it. I thought it was actually bad-written and even stupid to native speaker. But is there any good or bad in literature? I just doubt it. From now on, I have to keep justifying my decision of taking this course because the impulse of dropping it has started lurking in some corners, accumulating its strength. It will launch its strike at anytime when I struggle with getting inspired and creating, which I have never imagined to do, most challengingly, in English!